TX70+ Plus NEW!

TX70+ Plus NEW!

Dual Band FM Transmitter with USB Flash memory external input

The TX70+ (dual Band) series from ET Broadcast can bring existing FM transmitters up to digital quality standards with the lowest audio distortion and robust design of any available exciter.
The TX70+s breakthrough technology remains the acknowledged standard for FM audio performance. With the superb specifications available in ET Broadcast products, our exciters are totally transparent to your broadcast signal.
The TX70+ (Dual Band) is a top specification RTTE/CE compliant FM broadcast transmitter that is ideally suited for low to medium power radio stations. The output power is adjustable from 0-80 watt. The ET Broadcast R&D department has done it again! Designed to offer the TX70+ model in a very compact and light weight 2U high enclosure with built in audio limiter, stereo generator at

• 50 to 108 MHz (microprocessor controlled)
• 80W FM Exciter Transmitter
• Dual Active Matching Networks
• Dual Active Low Pass Filters
• Compact (2U)
• Light weight (9Kg)
• 16 X4 Characters LCD with 3 modes menu
• Built-in Audio Peak Limiter
• Built-in Stereo Encoder
• Balanced Female stereo inputs
• Balanced mono input
• SCA1,SCA2 BNC inputs
• Switchable baseband clipping
• Switchable pre-emphasis 0, 50 & 75us
• Protection: AGC, V.S.W.R., Temp
• USB External Flash Memory Input
• Auto switching 110-240v AC input
• Power Factor<90%

RF Section

Power: 0-80W typ, 90W max(adjustable)
Connector: N-Type 50 Ohm
Harmonics: <-75 dBc
Spurious: <-90 dBc
Frequency Range: 50 to 108MHz[/cell]
Frequency Lock Range: 50 to 110MHz[/cell]
Frequency selection steps: 100kHz, 50KHz & 10KHz upon request
Frequency selection: Internal rotary switches
Frequency control type: Phase locked loop
Frequency Stability: +/- 2PPM TCXO
Modulation : Direct frequency modulation
Frequency Mute time: 8 seconds
RF Monitor Output : BNC -55dB



Left-MPX, Right-MONO input: Balanced XLR Female
Left-MPX audio input response: +/- 0.3 dB 5 Hz to 100 kHz
Left-MPX input level: -40dB to +5dB (adjustable)
Right-MONO input Level: -40dB to +30dB balanced (adjustable)
Right-MONO audio input response: 20 Hz to 15kHz +/- 0.5dB (0us pre- emphasis)
SCA input level BNC: -40dB to +5dB (internally adjustable)
SCAs audio input response: +/- 0.3 dB 5 Hz to 100 kHz
Auxiliary Output: 0 to 5dB (adjustable)
15 kHz filtering: >40dB at 19kHz mono Input
Pre emphasis: 0, 50 & 75uS selectable
Limiter: +18dB
Limiter on/off: Internal Switch
Clipping: On or Off
USB Interface: Connect external Flash memory, Hard Disk


Stereo Encoder

Stereo Pilot : 19kHz +/- 1 Hz
Output level (BNC) : 0dB
15 kHz filtering: >40dB at 19kHz
15kHz overshoot filter: clipping on or off
Spurious: >80 kHz >60dBr
Spurious: >160 kHz >80dBr
Stereo separation: >60dB (20Hz-15kHz)



Protections: Automatic RF Gain Control (AGC)
Remote Control: 9 way D-Type
Pins 1-2 Interlock
Pins 3-4 Reduced Power


LCD Monitor

LCD Display : 16X4 LCD with back light
LCD Menu: 3 modes
Mode1 Monitor: Frequency, FWR, REF, DEV
Mode2 Monitor: FWR, REF, TEMP
Mode3 Monitor: VU Stereo bar meter



Cooling: 2 x 80mm depression fan
Size: 400mm x 88mm x 450mm
Weight : 9kg
Voltage input : 85-260 VAC, 200W
Power connector : IEC,FUSED
Switched mode supplies Approvals: UL/TUV/CE